Birth 2012 and The One Command Life

By | Posted on October 27, 2012

The hour of our “welcoming” is at hand! Let us help nurture this current threshold of human evolution. The Birth 2012 work is rapidly becoming a global “moment” of transformation and love. The Welcoming Committee holds an important key to activate what is possible. I feel that this live council is vital for the whole world.
Barbara Marx Hubbard

As you know, the goal of The One Command Life led by Co-Directors Dr. Katie Garnett and Bonnie Strehlow and deeply supported by Founder of The One Command, Asara Lovejoy and CEO/COO Eden Lovejoy, is to expand the consciousness of true abundance and success, fulfilled relationships and ethical work, and expanded sense of community and cooperation and personal and spiritual transformation.

We accomplish this through all that we offer in The One Command Life such as the Free Forum and Blog and the Wednesday teleseminars and our articles, newsletters and expanded teleseminars. We also accomplish this goal through our program for the training and support of One Command Circle Leaders, the way by which committed individuals have the opportunity to start their own life-enhancing business in their home, office or community.

A part of our goal is to support other organizations and movements that are created and intended for the enhancement of all of our lives on this planet as we move into a brand-new part of our existence – on the re-birth of the Earth on December 22, 2012.

More from Barbara Marx Hubbard – Now, the fulfillment of the deeper purpose of our Welcoming is emerging. The planetary birthing movement is gaining momentum world wide, with synchronized spiritual and social events designed to shift global consciousness toward love and harmony, especially during the three days of December 20, 21, and 22. All of you are involved in events worldwide that represent a unification on a scale we have perhaps never seen. We are calling this time humanity’s three-day “Labor of Love” to give birth to a planetary culture, a “cosmic child,” still so fragile, incomplete, and needing everyone’s loving care.

To begin the “Labor of Love,” we’ll do a live streaming of what we are calling the “Theater for Our Birth” program in Byron Bay, Australia, invited by Bharat and Bhivani, founders of Organic India. This will occur on December 20 (Australian time). This theatrical production will tell the universal story of creation, with the Wheel of Co-creation coming alive, including the rise of co-creators of the emerging world. Goa, the graphic artist working with Heart Math will provide visualizations of the actual heart coherence engendered during the time of the Live Birth. The finale of this program is the “noosphere getting its collective eyes.” It will have a large global outreach. And then, after weaving together events worldwide for the ensuing days, the Shift Network and its partners are now doing our beautiful “finale” at Agape on Dec. 22, representing the Birth Moment for a new era. I do believe that this is a destined event that could not be planned until right now, when the planetary timing is calling for it!

Watch this Blog and Forum over the next few weeks to follow our contributions to this movement from The One Command Life.

We deeply love and bless you all, and we witness your Mastery. Dr. Katie and Bonnie Strehlow


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